Toyota Touch | Maple Toyota
Toyota Touch is a professional detailing service that can assist you in not only keeping your vehicle clean, it also protects it from water, salt and the sun.

You might be wondering why you should even detail your car, and the answer is simple. It is the same why you bring in the car for under the hood maintenance: to ensure your vehicle's health. Detailing a car goes beyond just the look of a brand new shiny vehicle, it goes into your paint health, cleaning your headlights and taillights for proper lighting ability, and ensuring wheels are not cracked. Inside the car, we take measures to ensure we get rid of any bad odours; also we protect the surfaces and prevent cracking or even discoloration.

We offer three different Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing Services


  • Complete hand washing and drying of vehicle exterior.
  • Detailed interior cleaning which includes vacuuming seats, carpets and floor mats; cleaning of glass and instrument panel.
  • Deodorizing of passenger compartment.
  • Detailed interior and exterior inspection report.


Includes all DELUXE items PLUS:

  • Power wash of wheels, inner fender, under carriage.
  • Vacuuming trunks, shampooing floor mats, shampooing stains.
  • Two-step paint restoration including machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant.
  • Treatment of interior/exterior rubber and vinyl trim.
  • Lubricating locks and hinges.


Includes all PREMIUM items PLUS:

  • Engine compartment and lower body shampoo.
  • Three-step paint restoration including environmental residue removal.
  • Complete interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats, door panel.
  • Application of fabric protect on passenger fabrics.