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Maple Toyota Tire and Wheel Centre

At Maple Toyota Tire and Wheel Centre, we understand the crucial role that properly fitted seasonal tires play in optimizing your driving experience, whether you're behind the wheel of a brand-new model or a trusted older vehicle. The difference in performance and control with the right tires cannot be overstated. If you're sensing a lack of control and a bumpy ride, it might be time to consider a tire check. Our dedicated technicians are at your service, ready to inspect your tires' condition and pressure to ensure your safety on the road. With expertise honed through certification and experience, our skilled technicians can assess the state of your tires and provide accurate guidance.

When it comes to tire replacement, our experts at Maple Toyota are second to none. Our certified technicians specialize in efficiently and safely removing your old tires from the wheel and expertly installing new ones. Whether you're seeking summer, all-season, or winter tires, our Tire and Wheel Centre in Maple offers an extensive range of options tailored to your Toyota vehicle, regardless of its model or year. From the sporty Tacoma to the sleek Camry, we stock the perfect set of tires to match your driving needs. Don't compromise on your driving pleasure or safety -- visit us at Maple Toyota Tire and Wheel Centre for top-notch tire services that keep you cruising with confidence.

Looking For Winter Tires?

Elevate your winter driving experience by choosing Maple Toyota as your destination for winter-ready tires. As an authorized Toyota dealer, we exclusively stock Genuine Parts meticulously crafted to suit your Toyota vehicle's specifications. Our proficient service team and mechanics are at your service six days a week, ready to address any inquiries you may have regarding tires. Winter tires excel in demanding conditions encompassing snow, ice, and mud, along with temperatures below 7°C, delivering peak performance. With plummeting temperatures, standard all-season tire compounds lose elasticity, resulting in diminished contact area and compromised grip, especially on cold surfaces. Even when snowfall is absent, temperatures below 7°C can compromise your vehicle's safety due to decreased traction caused by the rubber compound's hardening. Safeguarding your vehicle's safety during colder months is a straightforward endeavor -- outfitting winter tires in the fall. Furthermore, Maple Toyota offers price matching, accommodates larger order volumes, and reduces costs, ensuring you receive optimal value. Don't delay; Maple Toyota is your unequivocal choice for an upgraded winter tire experience.

The Tire Storage Advantage

Climate controlled tire storage is an important factor to consider for protecting your investment. And with our full-service tires storage centre, this couldn't be any easier. Storing your off-season tires is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Proper storage prolongs the life of your tires
  • Frees up space in your house
  • 24hr supervision and security ensures that your investment stays protected
  • Improper storage can result in reduced life for your tires or end up making them unusable.
  • If your tires are not stored properly UV light, or direct sunlight can break down the rubber and cause them to become damaged.

Forget the hassle and trust our tire storage experts. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and no hidden charges.

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