The purpose of engine oil is to coat and provide lubrication to the metal components of your vehicle's engine all while decreasing the amount of friction and preventing the engine from wearing down quickly. Choosing between Synthetic Oil and regular conventional oil will have an impact on the engine's life and performance. Synthetic Oil is distilled, purified and broken down into its basic molecules. This process removes more impurities from the contaminated oil and provides higher levels of protection and performance versus traditional mineral based oil. Although regular motor oil will do the job, oil changes will become more frequent and depending on your driving habits, may wear down quicker. Our
0W-20 Synthetic Oil will extend oil change intervals and can also increase fuel mileage. Whether you choose Synthetic Oil or conventional oil, you should always follow your vehicle's maintenance schedule and receive a proper oil change by trained technicians when needed. Here at Maple Toyota, our skilled specialists will ensure your Toyota's engine is working at its utmost performance with the oil it deserves.

Watch the video below to understand how important Synthetic Oil is.