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Whether you choose to accessorize your Toyota, or the inevitable has occurred and your Toyota requires repair, a genuine Toyota part or accessory is your best choice.  Only genuine Toyota parts and accessories provide the assurance you need to confirm you get what you pay for.

While the option of buying aftermarket products can save us a little bit of money now, that choice may come back to haunt us with large repair bills due to rapid deterioration and damage to our vehicle. When looking for Toyota parts in Maple, Maple Toyota is a trusted Toyota dealership and has access to a large inventory of Toyota parts and accessories through official Toyota dealer networks.  When you buy a genuine Toyota part you can rest assured knowing you have purchased a part that has been specifically manufactured and tested for your Toyota.

Our specially designed Genuine Toyota and TRD accessories are covered by additional insurance to give you added peace of mind. Coverage is based on when you purchased the accessory and whether a Toyota dealer or a third party installed them.

If you purchase the accessories DURING your new vehicle purchase, your coverage is:

  • 3 years / 60,000 km

If you purchase the accessories AFTER your new vehicle purchase, your coverage is:

  • The balance of the new vehicle warranty OR 12 months / 20,000 km - whichever is greater

What is Not Covered

  • Maintenance services (for example, replacement of brake pads)
  • Normal wear and tear (including noise, vibration, and cosmetic conditions)

If you have purchased replacement parts and had them installed by a Toyota dealer, then your warranty includes the parts and labour.

Warranty coverage for this scenario includes:

  • 90 days or the balance of the new vehicle warranty (as part of the new vehicle warranty)
  • 24 months or 40,000 km (if the parts were purchased and installed by a Toyota dealer after the new vehicle warranty)

If you purchase genuine parts and have them installed by a third party or elsewhere not associated with Toyota, your coverage includes:

  • 12 months with unlimited km, for parts only

What is Not Covered

  • Parts replaced under extended battery, muffler, and shock absorber warranties
  • Replacements required due to normal wear, discolouration, deterioration, etc.
  • Bulbs (except headlamps), wiper blades, filters, and fuses

Here at Maple Toyota, we offer top-quality maintenance-free replacement batteries for all Toyota vehicles. Purchasing and installing your new battery with us will come with an extended warranty so you can drive away with confidence and peace of mind. Warranty coverage includes:

  • 24 months, with 100% of parts and labour covered, when you buy and install with us
  • 12 months, with 100% of parts covered, when you buy with us but install elsewhere

What is Not Covered

  • Batteries that have been open, cracked, frozen, overcharged, or otherwise damaged in any way
  • Failures caused using incorrect electrolyte
  • Recharging of discharged batteries
  • Batteries where the warranty plaque has been severely damaged, altered, or destroyed

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