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Toyota surpasses the milestone of 300 million vehicles produced


 toyota  corolla 2023

Toyota has just achieved a significant milestone in its history with the production of its 300 millionth vehicle. In total, it took the Japanese manufacturer 88 years and 2 months to accomplish such a feat.

The Model G1, a commercial van, was the first vehicle to roll off the production line of the Japanese manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is not known which model is associated with this new record.

180.52 million Toyota vehicles were produced in Japan, while 119.6 million units came from other factories of the Japanese manufacturer around the world.

The best-selling model of the brand and even the entire automotive industry remains the Corolla, with more than 53.39 million units sold so far. It is among the most popular vehicles of the brand in Canada and worldwide. The Corolla hit the market in 1966, making it one of the oldest cars still in production today. In fact, the only other models that surpass the Corolla in terms of age are mainly sports cars or trucks.

Why Toyota?

Toyota is the most popular brand in the world and is a manufacturer that is constantly recommended. Many often ask why Toyota continues to be so successful even today. The answer is simple. The brand has always focused on quality and reliability, earning it a solid reputation over the years. The gap between Toyota and other manufacturers is not as large today, but the brand has such a large community that it continues to be just as popular. The legend literally surpasses reality here. This also explains why the average resale value is higher for Toyota models than for other brands.

Soon 400 million?

Last year, Toyota manufactured no less than 10.5 million vehicles. At this rate, it will take the Japanese manufacturer less than 10 years to reach 400 million units.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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