Demo Toyota Cars for Sale in Maple, Ontario

Want to own the newest and latest Toyota models available but worry about the high costs? What if Maple Toyota found a way for you to enjoy the Toyota you want at the price you can afford? You're in luck, we have! From time to time Maple Toyota offers a demo car from our showroom for sale. Why not literally take a Toyota from our showroom to your driveway. You get all the features you want, that a new Toyota has to offer, and keep a little extra cash in your wallet.

Demo Toyota Cars in Maple, Ontario

Toyota Demo Vehicles For Sale in Maple, ON

Our service department has also given this vehicle, and all other demo vehicles for sale, a full inspection so you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is truly in brand new condition.

Make sure you continue to check out our New and Used Inventory to find the Toyota that was made just for you.

Our staff at Maple Toyota can help you purchase the 2019 Toyota 4Runner, or any other vehicle, from the time you start your search to financing, delivery, and ongoing care for your car. Buy with confidence in knowing you are getting the vehicle you deserve at the Financing Options you can afford.

Feast Your Eyes on the Demo Toyota Cars for Sale at Maple Toyota in Maple, Ontario

It's not unnatural to want to pluck your vehicle of choice straight out of the showroom, and luckily for our faithful clientele in Maple, Ontario and the surrounding areas of Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, and North York, we at Maple Toyota can make such hankerings a reality thanks to the demo vehicles we have for sale. To follow up on the FAQs and related answers listed below or proceed with the purchase of your demo Toyota car, feel free to get in touch with our dealership's finance centre.

What is a Demo Car and What Does it Mean for a Car Dealership?

Simply put, a demo car is a vehicle from our star-studded showroom that we put up for sale for those who covet a recent model Toyota with a full package of modern perks that won't do a number on their finances. For many a dealership, a demo may also be a vehicle that's been designated for test drives or personal use by a member of its sales team.

Is it OK to Buy a Demo Car?

The answer is yes - especially as far as Maple Toyota is concerned - as demo Toyota vehicles that come straight from our showroom have been immaculately maintained, and demos that have been driven by a dealership's sales rep or used for test drives are usually kept in excellent condition. The often minimal mileage such demos have accrued usually lead to a more affordable price tag than that of its untouched stablemates, which makes them a wise purchase if you're in the market for a newer vehicle.

How Do I Find a Demo Car?

CarFinder is a valuable tool for those looking for a good deal on a demo who've yet to narrow down their search, but if Toyota is your go-to brand, all you need to do is visit us online or contact Maple Toyota to stay abreast of any demos in our showroom that we'll be putting up for sale.

Is a Demo Car Considered New or Used?

Demo vehicles aren't usually lumped into either category outright, but it ultimately comes down to what your dealership uses them for. If they've been made available to the sales team for either personal use or test drives - as is often the case - then they'll come with some mileage, which technically makes them used, although this also makes them affordable and subject to a thorough inspection upon purchase to ensure your protection. Demos that reside in the Maple Toyota showroom are essentially untouched and always priced affordably when they're available for sale to make way for the new year's incoming fleet.

If you've got your eye on one of our demo Toyota models, get in touch with our team at Maple Toyota and find out how to proceed with your finance application.