Cabin Air Filter in Maple, Ontario

Cabin & Engine Air Filters in Maple, ON

Cabin & Engine Air Filters in Maple, Ontario

Air filters are integral to both your cabin and engine, and Maple Toyota is here to fill you in on everything filter-related before you contact us for your next service appointment in Maple, Ontario. Read on for details regarding the difference between cabin and engine air filters and how tending to them regularly can optimize your experience at the wheel.

Cabin Air Filters vs. Engine Air Filters

Your vehicle's cabin air filter is responsible for keeping the air coming out of your AC unit clean and fresh. In addition to filtering out dust, this filter also keeps other pesky and potentially harmful intruders from entering your cabin, including pollen and pollutants. In short, this valuable component stands between you and the road's many smells and impurities. Like a great many of your car's parts, your cabin air filter should be replaced on a recurring basis. If the air in your cabin smells funny, isn't cooling properly, or isn't circulating strongly and causing your windows to fog up in cold weather, it's likely time for a new cabin filter. You can also consult your owner's manual for the recommended filter service intervals before booking your next service appointment at Maple Toyota.

Like cabin air filters, your car's engine air filter keeps debris and contaminants out so your motor can get the air it needs to burn fuel with minimal interference. A neglected or absent engine air filter allows impurities to damage your motor's pistons, valves, and cylinder walls, which over time can lead to leaking or burning oil, a loss of power, and even engine failure. Common symptoms of an overused engine air filter include motor misfiring, a drop in fuel efficiency, a loss of power, and your check engine light appearing in your vehicle display. As with your cabin air filter, we recommend checking your owner's manual for the recommended service intervals to spare yourself some headaches and hefty expenses down the line.

If your air filters need changing, Maple Toyota's Service Centre and certified technicians can help. Drop us a line to schedule service and maintenance with our staff today.


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Watch the video below to understand the importance of changing your Cabin Air Filter when necessary!

The Cabin Air Filter allows the vehicle's heating and air-conditioning ventilation system to filter through pollutants such as dust, pollen, smog, mold spores and other unwanted debris, preventing them from entering the vehicle's cabin. This maintenance item is often overlooked but play an important role and need to be replaced every so often. Besides improving the air quality in which we breathe, the Cabin Air Filter also prevents the air-conditioning from having to work harder when the air is dirty, saving the motor from burning up. Replacement depends on your driving conditions and the different environments but recommendations are usually once a year. Just like the Air Filter, you can see just how dirty it becomes and when it needs to be changed. Our professionals always ensure your Toyota is in the best condition and know when to properly replace certain items so you don't have to.