Toyota Canada is part of the nation


Toyota Canada is a brand that resonates well with generations of Canadians. Your grand-parents drove their first Toyota in the ’70’.  Your parents probably learned to drive in the ’90s on Toyota.  Did you know? Almost half of Toyota vehicles sold in our home and native land are made in Canada. This is something we should all be proud of!

Toyota in numbers

In 2017, Toyota manufacturing Canada built 571,535 units in its facilities located in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario. This has a considerable impact on the Canadian economy by providing jobs. Since they built the first car in Canada in 1988, Toyota has come a long way. After 7 million vehicles, they also developed local expertise and understand the culture. Toyota has been building vehicles that can face our cold freezing winters while capable of leading us on the road to the cottage during the summer. Among these models, you will find the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota RAV4.

The Canadians love their Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV4. The numbers don’t lie. This Japanese automaker focuses its efforts on providing quality vehicles that keep innovating years after years. They also recognize the importance of fostering meaningful relationships with local communities across the country.  Their passion for safety and environment helped them developed more and more vehicles that are fuel-efficient with hybrid options.  Overall, Toyota is committed continuing helping the economy grow while continuing providing safe and environmentally friendly vehicles to Canadian drivers. 

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